Residents in These 8 States Are Getting Creamed by State and Local Taxes, Study Shows -

Illinois: $7,836 paid in annual state and local tax returns (35.8%) Nebraska: $7,466 (29.4%) Michigan: $7,054 (22.3%) Ohio: $6,991 (21.2%) Residents in these eight states are all paying an average of 21%, or more, higher than the national average of approximately $5,770 paid by the median U.S. household. You'll note the figure in parenthesis next to each state corresponds with how much higher its annual sales and local tax responsibility is relative to the national average. Illinois, the state with the highest annual state and local tax burden per household, bears the second-highest real estate tax per household in the country, and ranked 30th out of 50 in terms of state income tax burden. Additionally, when WalletHub looked at cost-of-living in each state, Illinois ranked in the top 10 among the most expensive. For most of the aforementioned states, a high cost of living and relatively high property taxes doom their residents to substantial tax liabilities.

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